Monday, March 3, 2014

Six things I love about Grady...

I should have known better than to start "birthday tributes" after one of my children has already celebrated a birthday so to nip any other conversations about whom I love most here are six things I love most about my Grady Mac...(his birthday was three weeks ago).

1. His voice...oh my goodness. It is the cutest and I can't help repeat from Garrett's post...that I love listening to his sleepy, fr...oggy voice say his prayers as he drifts off to sleep. It will melt the toughest soul.

2. His I love you's...they are sparse unlike his brother but before his eyes open in the morning he reaches for my neck and says, "I love you so much". Yes he still finds his way to my bed and I am cherishing every.single.snuggle. Don't judge.

3. His sense of humor. For those of you who know this "chump" he is a riot. Last night he asked me what it was like to live without technology or power lines when I was a kid? What the? You never know what is going to come out of his mouth and we are always on guard with hands ready to cup his tiny mouth...right Marshall Wagner?

4. He may be tiny but never underestimate his size...Brian's friends will tell you to always be on alert when Grady is near. He has perfected many wrestling moves and is not afraid of his opponent or their size. He is the perfect height for a nauseating hit...if you know what I mean. Never let your size get in the way of your dreams baby boy.

5. His big blue eyes...they are mine, they are beautiful and when I look into them I see mischief, I see love and I see a tender soul. I also see a boy who everyone loves but may have doubts about him dating their

6. Even though he is crazy wild he has such a sweet, tender soul that few may see. I am enjoying Grady bringing up the end of a long baby era for our family...we have experienced lots of firsts and lasts with our four children but with Grady each new experience with him is also a last for our family and it kind of breaks my heart...but then I remember how very blessed I am to have four children that God has trusted Steven and I to love and that is what makes my world go round. So if you see me or Steven carrying around Grady just remember he's our baby and we are holding on to all of his lasts as long as we can, tightly.

#babiesdontkeep #6

Nine things I love about Garrett...

This is a post I copied from my Facebook in honor of my son, Garrett, celebrating his ninth birthday. xo
Today is my sweet Garrett's is impossible to believe he is nine years old. In honor of Garrett's birthday below are nine things I love most about him.

1. His big heart...he wears it on his sleeve and many times brings me to my knees.

2. I love to listen to him say his prayers. That weary, sleepy voice...precious.

3. Those eyes...I've said it one hundred times they are his super ...power, they can slay...if you must say no to him you better look away, quickly.

4. The love he has for his brother's and sister. Brian is his super hero, Gracie is his second mother and Grady...well he's his chump.

5. His determination and heart when he plays sports...He gives 110% whether his team is winning by twenty or down by twenty. No matter his size he plays big. Always play big baby.

6. His sweet hands that still fit perfectly with mine...I know my hand holding days are limited but I am relishing every.single.time he puts his hand in mine.

7. He is brilliant and wise beyond his years. Sometimes he worries about things that should never creep into a nine year old mind. This is a burden that I wish I could take away...See #1.

8. Every morning the older kids count how many times he tells me, "bye, love you". It is many and I hope he always tells that special someone in his life "bye and I love you" that many times before leaving the house. I never tire of hearing it or saying it in return.

9. Your future is extraordinary. And always play big.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sometimes you have to pause and enjoy life...

It has been awhile...actually a long while since I have updated my blog, Mother's Day to be exact. If you know me then you know I have four children that keep us busy. What is significant now is that I have a senior in high school and I have dreaded this for so long. In my last post I talked about living in the moment and that is exactly what we have been doing the last five months. We have tried to slow down and enjoy every single moment...not just with Brian but with our other three as well. We now know their sweet childhood passes entirely too quickly.

We had an awesome summer which included a trip to Amelia Island and Disney. This is the first time we have been able to take our children and it was everything I dreamed it would be (except for the car ride home). I worried Brian and Gracie wouldn't enjoy it as much since they were older but thankfully I was wrong, they even came home with Mickey ears. It was so nice to be away with just our family and enjoying one more vacation with a not quite adult son.

I am going to take a challenge of a fellow blogger to write every day for the month of October...who knows if it will happen but as I love to write and wish I had done more I am going to give it a shot. I also plan to update my blog with some fall decorations later today. I love fall and everything it, beautiful leaves, the smell of sun baked crunchy leaves, everything pumpkin, hot chocolate, sweaters, cozy fires at night with the family...I will stop here because I could keep going.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip.




Monday, May 13, 2013

What have I done to deserve this?

On bad days...really bad days, I often say to my husband, "What have I done to deserve this?"   Again let me stress...these are the worst days, the kind of days were Garrett and Gracie are fighting constantly, Brian needs soccer/football/basketball/dress clothes washed and I am ready to go to bed and all laundry that was in the laundry room has been caught up and Grady, well...he is Grady but at least he is consistent. On these days we are reminded that we are the "worst" parents ever, doors are slammed, questions are answered with more huffs and eye rolls than actual words and it never fails that we need to be five different places, someone can't find a shoe, we lose the keys or I have "accidentally" ran the car completely out of gas. It exhausts me just thinking about those days. 

Days like today, Mother's Day,  was perfect and once again left me asking the question "What have I done to deserve this?" My day started with a sunny walk around the neighborhood admiring the beautiful sun (it seems odd seeing the sun after all of the rain). Everything seemed renewed and fresh, much how I felt. It was beautiful and peaceful...good for the soul. Next we went to church...I love my children and husband sitting with me in church. I sit there looking at them and once again asked, "What have I done to deserve this?" I thought about God's love for me and asked, "What have I done to deserve this?"

We set out to make our Mother's Day rounds and started by taking Stevens' mother her flowers. The highlight of that visit was the conversation about the recent Cleveland women that were found. Sheila asked us if we knew what they should do to them and of course we all had our own ideas but hers...well shocked us all. "They should chain them to the wall by their balls". Gracie about choked, Brian and Garrett winced but laughed, Steven tried not to laugh but couldn't help it and I of course hysterically laughed. It wasn't until we were in the car that Grady spoke up and said, "It wouldn't be nice to chain someone up by their balls"...if only he understood the whole story. I apologize in advance to Grady's preschool teachers if this happens to come up in conversation.  This isn't something that you expect to hear from Sheila but she has a way of surprising you.

Next we visited my Grandmother, the sweetest Godliest woman I know. She is a saint and I credit so much of the woman and mother I am today to her. I love spending time with her and eating her no bake cookies. A funny story about my grandmother from years ago that probably left my grandmother asking, "What have I done to deserve this?", I was around 13 and my granny had made me angry, really angry. I can't remember why but if I had to guess I was probably asked to take a shower or to clean my room...harsh stuff I know. Anyway there was a huge mirror in the kitchen which I would spend hours gazing into, checking my hair, outfit or dancing in front of (yes Brian gets it honestly). We had argued about whatever she asked me to do and my temper got the best of me and I stormed down the hall and did the unthinkable (I'm embarrassed to admit this) and I flipped her the bird. The big mirror was not my friend that day...lesson learned. For the record I have begged for forgiveness, a lot. We still laugh about it today, sort of.

After that we came home to relax before a cookout with my sister. The kids surprised me with a video that Gracie made and it was beautiful. I cried like a baby. Garrett can't watch it without crying and my strong, tough boy even teared up. Gracie did a wonderful job making it and while watching it I again asked, "What have I done to deserve this?"
My mom was supposed to come over for a cookout to celebrate Mother's Day and the April birthday's but wasn't feeling well. I hope you are feeling better mom. My brother was going to come as well but after a trip to Shatley Springs and spending the entire week pouring me a concrete patio the boy was exhausted. I will be sharing pictures of my patio soon, it looks amazing. Thank you Benji. The kids had fun playing, we relaxed and ate lots of cake.

Next stop was Nana's. We walked up to the door, knocked and Gracie seen that she was asleep so we left her flower and card on the porch and let her rest.

Gracie and I made a delivery to my friend Kelly. Happy Birthday Kelly and I hope you love your ferns. For years Kelly celebrated Mother's Day as the fun aunt and it brings me so much happiness to see her being celebrated as a mom. She is an amazing mom, wife and friend.

Our day winded down with some outside play and Grady wanting to watch the sunset on my lap. In the end he decided it was taking too long while I thought it was going by too fast. This day will go down in history as one of the best days ever...and left me once again asking, "What have I done to deserve this?"

Thank you to my sweet, loving husband who always makes holiday's extra special. I love you. Thank you to Brian, Gracie, Garrett and Grady I love you all to the moon and back, it was truly a magical day and I am so thankful to be your mother.  Life isn't always easy but today was perfect. Thank you to all of these incredible women and the beauty they all bring to my life. I am blessed.