Monday, March 3, 2014

Nine things I love about Garrett...

This is a post I copied from my Facebook in honor of my son, Garrett, celebrating his ninth birthday. xo
Today is my sweet Garrett's is impossible to believe he is nine years old. In honor of Garrett's birthday below are nine things I love most about him.

1. His big heart...he wears it on his sleeve and many times brings me to my knees.

2. I love to listen to him say his prayers. That weary, sleepy voice...precious.

3. Those eyes...I've said it one hundred times they are his super ...power, they can slay...if you must say no to him you better look away, quickly.

4. The love he has for his brother's and sister. Brian is his super hero, Gracie is his second mother and Grady...well he's his chump.

5. His determination and heart when he plays sports...He gives 110% whether his team is winning by twenty or down by twenty. No matter his size he plays big. Always play big baby.

6. His sweet hands that still fit perfectly with mine...I know my hand holding days are limited but I am relishing every.single.time he puts his hand in mine.

7. He is brilliant and wise beyond his years. Sometimes he worries about things that should never creep into a nine year old mind. This is a burden that I wish I could take away...See #1.

8. Every morning the older kids count how many times he tells me, "bye, love you". It is many and I hope he always tells that special someone in his life "bye and I love you" that many times before leaving the house. I never tire of hearing it or saying it in return.

9. Your future is extraordinary. And always play big.

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